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Prescott Post #1 Project

School Admin
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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Department Of Rhode Island

Graves Registration Office


Dear School Administrator

            You are cordiality invited to the following. On 12 November 2006, The Graves Registration Committee of the Department Of Rhode Island, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, will be holding a rededication ceremony for Prescott Post Number 1 in Old North Burial Ground, Providence, Rhode Island. Buried at this location are 316 members of the Grand Army of the Republic who served in the American Civil War. These men are both white and colored, they are army, navy, and state volunteers, and in total represent 15 states of the union. We have invited all of the local news media (print, radio, and TV), All Governors and senators from each of the 15 states as well as some of the House Representatives. Department Commanders from the 15 states and all members of the SUVCW are invited, and encouraged to attend the rededication ceremony.

    We have also invited all of the public schools in the state of Rhode Island and some in Massachusetts, it is our belief that our history as well as our future is in the hands of our school children and the more that we can teach them about what these men did for this nation the better off we will all be. At least one reenacting organization from each state has also been invited to show in uniform what these men dressed like.   

            The Ceremony will start at 1PM; suggested arrival time will be posted on the ceremonies website,  There will be the rededication ceremony, 21-gun salute, and a small after ceremony reception, music will be provided by the Providence Brigade Band. If you have any questions call Brother Bruce D. Frail, Dept. GRO, at  464-2119(C), or E-Mail at