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Prescott Post #1 Project


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2nd Regiment California Cavalry

Company "B" - Moved to Southern California December, 1861. Duty at Los Angeles till March, 1862. Attached to Carlton's Califronia Column on Expedition from Southern California through Arizona to Southwest Texas and New Mexico April 9-September 20, 1862. Occupation of Fort Quitman August 22. Duty at various points in Dept. of New Mexico till July, 1864. Operations against Navajo Indians in New Mexico August 20-December 16, 1863. Action at Pecos River, near Fort Sumner, January 5, 1864. Patrol Majove Road between Camp Cady and Rock Springs, Southern California, July to September, 1864. Ordered to San Francisco Septmebr 26, thence to Camp Union, Sacramento, Cali., November 12. Duty in District of California and Nevada till mustered out. Expedition from Dun Glen to Fairbanks Station, Nev., June 13-26, 1865.

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